Managed Security

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Why do YOU need a backup/disaster recovery solution?

We are all aware that disasters happen around us, whether it is a natural disaster or a service outage. It is the MSP’s job to make sure that the companies are prepared. 

For most companies without a MSP, backing up data and disaster recovery can easily be neglected. The process of backup and disaster recovery is usually a part-time job within the company. For instance, there is seldom an individual with the sole task of data backup and recovery in an enterprise. Regardless of size, companies need full-time monitoring and planning for their backup/disaster recovery needs.

Data Recovery Simplified

In the unfortunate situation that your company encounters a disaster having a solid recovery and plan is critical. We routinely check backups and restore them to verify that they're working as planned.

Cloud Backup

We're experienced with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to build automatic and redundant offsite backups

Backup restore testing

A backup is worthless if it was not configured properly and cannot be restored. It's important to routinely test backup restores to verify their integrity.

What would happen if you needed to restore a backup today?

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