Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Graynode Security?

Graynode is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado. We believe our clients deserve the same level of service they would receive from their own in-house IT department. Our industry certified help desk team ready to deal with your IT issues to help your workplace run smoothly and without concern

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Managed service providers (MSP) provide outsourced IT support and allows an organization to cut expenses and improve operations for a flat per month rate.

How can my organization benefit from an MSP?

Graynode helps organizations prevent pricey downtime by proactively monitoring your network for issues and remediating them. Since your network is remotely monitored, your risk of infections, breaches and downtime decreases. And, you’ll gain an IT partner that leads you through every major technology decision

Can Managed Services save me money?

According to indeed.com, the median salary of an IT Support Specialist is  $52,731. Graynode provides an entire team of experienced IT & security professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Why work with Graynode Security?

  • We understand small businesses
  • A fixed monthly support fee
  • Onsite support
  • 24 / 7 Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity focused
  • IT work with Integrity

How does Graynode Security work?

We remotely manage an organizations IT infrastructure including end user workstations on a subscription based flat rate model that includes a Service Agreement (SA). This includes backups, security, updates and more.

Does your company visit our company when we have a problem?

We make onsite visits for emergency response, prescheduled maintenance, specific projects, and quarterly reviews.


What is included?

All Managed Services include 24 / 7 Monitoring, Colorado Help Desk, Backup & Disaster Recovery & Endpoint Anti-virus and malware protection at a monthly fixed rate. After our network assessment, we’ll determine what other products and services that your organization needs.

What cities in Colorado does Graynode service?

We service Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado.

What is your response time?

Our response times will be specified in your organizations Service Agreement (SA). Usually a response time will be an hour or less, while emergencies can be handled more promptly.

What are your help desk hours?

For regular service, our IT support are 8am – 5pm M – F.  24 x 7 coverage is always available with our after hours rate. All these details will be specified in your Service Agreement (SA).

What is an outsourced help desk?

An outsourced help desk includes remote and phone support from one of Graynode’s Colorado based technicians.

Why is Endpoint Security important?

Endpoints are one of the most common attack vectors and can lead to ransomware attacks, infections, data theft and more. Securing every endpoint in your organization is extremely important. Every Graynode plan includes endpoint protection.

What are some of the most important Cyber Security and Network Security protections to have?

  • A properly configured and up to date firewall
  • DNS protection
  • Endpoint protection
  • Firewall & Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems
  • Email Spam filtering
  • Employees that are training in phishing and social engineering attacks
  • VPN’s
  • Policy & Access Control

Why should we invest in Cyber Security?

  • Protect sensitive information including customer data
  • Harmed reputation after an attack
  • Financial damage

Do you offer Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Yes, Graynode has a number of different options to help your organization manage mobile devices. This can include the ability to limit installed apps, remotely wipe a lost device, protect against malware spreading to your network and more. Support for Android and iOS devices.

What is included in the Free Network Assessment?

  • Review network topology and speed
  • Review Appliances and basic security posture
  • Create report and present to management for recommendations

What kinds of companies are good candidates for Graynode Security?

  • Small and medium sized businesses 1-200 workstations
  • No IT department
  • An existing IT department that could benefit from an MSP taking over basic tasks

What would happen if you needed to restore a backup today?

Schedule Free Network Assessment

What industries does Graynode Security work with?

  • Cannabis based businesses
  • Non profits
  • Law Firms
  • Architecture & Engineering

Can you develop a custom IT and Security plan?

Absolutely, each organization that we work with has a custom tailored IT & Security Plan that works with your organization.

What is included in the onboarding process and do you charge for onboarding?

We do not charge for onboarding. Graynodes onboarding includes:

  • Installation of remote support tools on servers, appliances and workstations
  • Security tools as determined by Network Assessment
  • Backup configuration and testing
  • Followup approximately 2 weeks after initial setup

Do you offer end user, cyber security and software training?

Having your employees properly trained is incredibly important. Phishing and social engineering attacks are becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated and it’s easy even for security minded professionals to fall for these attacks. Graynode offers comprehensive Security Awareness Training for your employees. We can also schedule onsite talks, presentations and multi day custom training for your organization.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Graynode only works on a monthly prepaid flat rate based contract. This ensures that service details are defined and this model makes sure that expectations are met.

How is Graynode Security accountable?

All of our services are backed by a custom Service Agreement (SA) that states which services your organization receives and the time frame that you’ll be responded to. After every ticket is resolved, you have the ability to rank your experience. And we’ll respond to any less than perfect ticket reviews with a followup to determine how we can server you better in the future.

We already have IT employees, how does an MSP help?

Even if you already have an IT employee or team, an MSP can take time consuming work off of your internal team so that they can focus on other projects. We fill in the gaps and will work with your IT department to make them more efficient.

What happens if we try your service but aren’t satisfied?

We want to do our best and give you the highest quality service possible. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service and do not think that we’re a good fit, you are able to cancel on a per month basis. We request that you give us at least 30 days notice so that we can properly transition you to another provider and make sure that they have all the information they need to manage your organization. We will uninstall all of our remote management tools.

What are some of the basic security methods that Graynode uses to protect my company?

  • Endpoint protection
  • Timely OS and software updates
  • Remote management tool for monitoring workstations, servers and the network
  • DNS protection
  • Spam filtering
  • Closing unnecessary ports and turning off unneeded services

Do you support printers?

Printers require an extra level of specialization and that’s why we recommend that small and medium size businesses use a printer management company to offer better service.

How often do you come onsite?

We like to meet with our clients quarterly to review security, infrastructure &  our managed services. We’re available to make onsite visits in emergencies and for rescheduled requests. Most technical issues and help desk tickets can be handled remotely.

What happens if my infrastructure goes down?

We understand that disruptions and downtime can be costly and affect your business in a big way. If your devices are covered in your Service Agreement (SA) then we will respond to it as soon as possible. Issues that lay outside of our service like ISP downtime, require contacting the appropriate technicians.

What services are covered in my contract and what lies outside of it?

It’s important that expectations are clearly defined.  These details will be provided in our Service Agreement (SA).

How often do you update or perform maintenance on our infrastructure? Will that result in downtime?

We perform regular maintenance including important updates for endpoints, servers and appliances. Our monitoring tools help detect when devices need to be replaced and when other maintenance tasks need to be performed. These should usually not result in any downtime.

Can I just call when something breaks and not pay a monthly fee?

For regular service, our IT support are 8am – 5pm M – F. 24 x 7 coverage is always available with our after hours rate. All these details will be specified in your Service Agreement (SA).

Can Graynode create a custom offering for my company?

Yes, in fact each of our new client agreements are customized for your organization.

Will Graynode recommend and or purchase hardware and software for us?

Yes, we can recommend and provide workstations, appliances (routers, switches, firewalls, WIFI access points) and can also recommend software to make your business more efficient.

What is an Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

An MSSP is a company that has a Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor threats and respond in real time.

How does flat rate billing save me money?

Flat rate billing allows your organization to budget your IT expenditures so you can focus on your other business objectives. When you create an MSP relationship with Graynode, you’re getting an entire IT team for much less than the cost of the average internal IT employee.

What if I have an emergency after hours?

Call 719-800-2861 and you will be routed to our on call technician.

Does Graynode offer vulnerability and security assessments?

Yes, we offer vulnerability assessments. These scans help find critical vulnerabilities in servers, appliances and workstations. Based on our findings, we’ll then recommend a plan to address these issues. Vulnerability Assessments are not included in most Graynode service agreements.

Does Graynode perform physical building security assessments?

No, we do not currently offer physical building security assessments but we have plans to expand to offer this service in the future.

Do you perform pentests / penetration tests?

Yes, Graynode Security conducts external, internal and wireless penetration tests.

Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed here?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.