Managed Security

Network Security

Advanced Protection

You can’t put a price on company data. With a growing number of ransomware and data breaches the threat landscape has continued to evolve and become much more sophisticated. You need a robust network security plan to protect your most critical assets.

Anti Virus

Although anti virus isn't what it used to be, it's critically important that your business has a quality and enterprise level anti virus solution.

DNS Protection

We provide an extra layer of protection between employees and the internet. Gray Nodes DNS Solution helps stop threats on the networks edge.

Managed Security

IT Security Awareness

Gray Node Security’s IT Awareness program will measure your employees current security awareness state, train them on how to detect and prevent a number of attacks. We’ll then follow up with your employees with simulated phishing and social engineering attacks.

Train Your Users

Educate your users on the latest threats to your data and IT security to put your staff a cut above the rest.

Custom Phishing Tests

Test and educate your users to strengthen your front-line against malicious actors.

Baseline Testing

Assess your needs as an industry to customize an IT security awareness program for you and mitigate risks.

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